D&O Services

Regulatory compliance

Through the advocacy of our professional services network of leading accounting and legal firms, we represent over 100 international enterprises by acting as their resident nominee director. A company residing in Australia and New Zealand must have at least one (1) resident director to bestow the personal responsibility of the statutory and financial obligations for the company. As a resident, we can act as your:

  • Local Agent
  • Resident Director & Company Secretary
  • Public Officer

Confidentiality and privacy guarantee

Your director has access to vital and important information. We take your confidentiality as a top priority and guarantee to keep your information strictly private from employees and the public. At appointment, as your resident director or local agent, we will execute the appropriate engagement documents to ensure your confidentiality and privacy.

Your company’s duty to keep records

We can work closely with your preferred accounting firm to ensure the compliance records of the company are complete and accurate when filing with Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and Australian Taxation Office (ATO). You can either keep the company records and bookkeeping in-house (serviced by your head office team) or outsource to your preferred advisors and accountant’s. For local online accounting software, we recommend QuickBooks, MYOB and Xero.

Financial literacy

Directors are important gatekeepers in the financial system, and particularly in the provision of meaningful and useful information, and through access to timely financial reporting to enable directors to make informed business decisions. Directors must be skilled to prevent insolvent trading and always act in good faith and not for personal gain. A resident director can be held personally responsible for the debts and liabilities of the company, and for this reason will request periodic updates about the financial literacy of the company.

Nominee director obligations

Your company must lodge financial reports with ASIC and ATO. We execute your company documents, fulfil regulatory requirements and maintain proper compliance in collaboration with your preferred accountants and advisors. As your resident director, we can also act as your public officer to meet ATO requirements.

Comprehensive director engagement

We can streamline the incorporation of your new Australian or New Zealand company and also establish a bank account for the company within several days. Our comprehensive engagement process will give you the assurance that the continuity of the company is always in your control.  Our clients are public companies, large multinationals and privately held enterprises.

We represent clients from the USA, Canada, India, England, China, Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Italy and France.

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